Digital transformation is often a balancing act. Organizations must examine business priorities, making plans to securely connect, analyze, and act on data located everywhere – often the edge – and generated by any kind of device.

HPE can help you assess and transform your hybrid cloud environment to capitalize on edge data where it is created. Find the right balance of platform, people, and processes to ensure your infrastructure can:

  • Support edge computing and edge data
  • Advance your digital business objectives
  • Securely empower your distributed enterprise

Join us to hear all the details.

Our speakers

Denis VilfortDirector, Office of the CTO, HPE

Denis Vilfort is an experienced technology executive with a unique combination of sales and marketing experience and an in-depth understanding of edge products and strategy.

Al MaddenEdge & IoT Marketing, HPE

Al Madden focuses his marketing efforts on simplifying technology for this thing we call “the edge.” He has spent his entire career working to make emerging technology understandable and more rapidly accessible, whether for IT, energy markets, or environmental analytical chemistry.